Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Beginning of the end!


This site has been created to help educate those in wanting to learn more about prepping. Why is this important?  ...if ye are prepared ye shall not fear.  And that ye might escape the power of the enemy, and be gathered unto me a righteous people, without spot and blameless— D&C 38:30-31.
What I hope to get out of this, and what i hope others would as well, is to share the knowledge we have so that we can put forth our efforts in new areas of prepping. Share knowledge, share deals, share tips and tricks, and above all share those of spiritual insights. All I ask is to keep this place tidy and the facts straight. If you are showing a "how to" use lots of pics and well defined directions. Happy posting, and i hope we can further our education, but most importantly be prepared for when rough times come. For now is the time, and as stated by our prophet, are ye prepared?

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